The rum cellar tunnel

The Pirates House-Savannah GeorgiaIMG_5816



Along with the Legend of pirates and sailors, the Pirates House is also a hot spot for Ghosthunters.  It is noted as one of the most haunted places in America. Restaurant workers and visitors alike have felt the presence of spirits and have seen apparitions.

As for myself, I  enjoy the great menu of southern food favorites. Their biscuits are the best!

The location has a historic marker as is recognized as the “Oldest house in Georgia”

This historic Seamans tavern is a favorite stop for tourists to the city of Savannah.  I would consider it family friendly and like most young folks my children always ordered the macaroni and cheese.

Pirates House Savannah

If you snoop around taking photos, you just might get lucky enough to meet one of those friendly souls.




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  1. What a fabulous clock, and a fascinating piece of history. Our ‘press gangs” were not as surreptitious in forcing men onto ships to work, but maybe that’s because they were semi official – doing it for navy rather than pirates!

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