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High School graduation was quickly approaching for Rose. All the dreams of working at the happiest place on earth and playing the piano in a resort lobby are just two months away.

Across the world, Kyle was dreaming of returning home and sleeping in a queen size bed with a pillow top mattress. Just one more month until his deployment to the desert would be over and he could then play his guitar night or day without disturbing the peace.
Both dreamers had “My space” accounts and Rose did not hide her love of music.
Kyle posted the songs he wrote but they lacked heart because at the time he suffered from some of the cool realities of life.
As the weeks passed Kyle became anxious and plans were swirling in his mind of how to fill the free time coming up. He has spent the last nine months with great buddies but once his boots step on green grass a fresh face by his side would complete his homecoming. With his travel orders in now in hand, he decides to get things rolling.

Kyle goes online, opens his account and updates his profile with his soon to be home location. He searches for girls in his age range, who like music and live within a twenty-five-mile radius. Rose pops up and meets all the criteria. He sends her a message.
She sits on her bed and lowers the television as she reads her inbox. . She finds his message interesting and wants to read it for a second time.
“Howdy, I read your wall and see that you like to play the piano. I expect that you are good at it since you played for a friends wedding. I am teaching myself the guitar and write a song here and there. I am in the army but am a young guy. I will be returning to the base there next week. Just looking to make a few friends, and share my songs” Kyle

Before she hits the keyboard she feels flushed.  Something is grabbing at her.  A real army guy, a uniform full of maturity.  This could be educating, no cross that thought out, school is over.
The messages go back and forth with lots of giggles and flirting for the next weeks.  Kyle would love to get off the plane and just run straight to this new gentle friend. Rose feels a bit of let down because he has family obligations for his first two days back.  Although, she likes him even more for respecting his Mom and his family who missed him so much.

Her mind then starts wondering, what if he’s not really real?  What if he’s some old guy and is putting me off and is going to stalk me? She decides it’s best to follow safe meeting rules and choose the Mall food court for the first date that is coming up.

Finally, the day is upon them, and Kyle likes the idea of the Mall where he can hide his driver next to the carousel. His sergeant agreed to drive him and stay out of site. He doesn’t want to discourage Rose by telling her he does not own a car or even have a driver’s license. Showing up on a bus would have been a desperate last choice to get there.
Rose recognized him right off standing next to a coke machine.  They both froze for a second and they were hugging like they knew each other for a lifetime. Hundred of text written messages created a bond between them.

As they shared a pizza, both began to relax.  He felt comfortable enough to introduce her to his sergeant and explain the reason for a driver. Rose didn’t give that a second thought with all the good that was happening.
Both had a lot more to say at the end of the evening than “good-bye”, but that will come later on the keyboard where neither one is shy.
Rose blasted the radio with love songs all the way home.
Kyle told Driver, “I can never see that girl again”. Knowing that he had already fallen in love, and knowing that he was leaving again before the end of the year.
His sergeant wisely said, ” you cannot live by the “if this” or “If that” happens. Never turn love or happiness away when it’s staring straight at you.  Reach out, grab it, cherish it, be grateful for it, and take it with you everywhere.


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  1. A very sweet tale. Apparently it took place a few decades ago, given your reference to MySpace and posting messages on someone’s wall.

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