A good hiding place

Spending the past three weeks with my three “little bears” I now have a firm answer to a curious thought.  I was sure that my own children believed that “not me” lived in our home.  So much went on with this unseen dweller that it could not be in their imagination.  I also now realize that when my daughter “Sweet E” the pastry chef moved out this mess maker tagged along with her.

Here’s why:
Hey you guys who made the mess in Williams room?


They all answer “not me”

Who played with the tin foil and left it on the living room floor?

“Not me, not me, not me”

Who left their dirty towel and socks on the bathroom floor?

“Not me, not me, ask William”
William, who left the towel and socks on the bathroom floor?
“Not me”

I would like to catch this little gremlins in the act just one time to read off the house rules.
Sure glad the mess don’t like to hang around us old folks

Warm wishes