Counting down the days


Most of you that read this have likely known someone that went away on military duty to unfamiliar parts of the world. They may be your neighbors, co-workers, family members or those that serve at a local base in your community.  It’s always touching and in our hearts, we hope for their safety and that their sacrifice will make a difference in the world we all share.

There is a time when this situation is more of a strain.  That is when your son or daughter is called upon for these critical missions.  The focus of your life changes.  As you continue with your day to day routine, the mailbox becomes important, and your phone never gets turned off.  You become familiar with time zones all over the world, and breaking news sends a jolt through your body.  Care package items have been added to the top of your weekly shopping list.

The calendar on your kitchen wall displays red checkmarks as the days pass.  Time seems to be moving slow.

Then finally, the day arrives and the yellow ribbon goes on the tree in the front yard.  Welcome home, and thank you for a job well done.