Stuffed mailbox


Election day is 15 days away and watching television now requires a remote with a mute button by your side.   It’s impossible to enjoy it with the political ads running advertising on every channel.

Today, I became exasperated while retrieving my mail.  If they don’t get to you one way, they find another.  The box was full of political postcards. The taglines said enough for me to put these in the trash can instead of the mail storage drawer.  When will they understand that voters are interested in where they stand on issues that impact the citizens?  Enough of the mud slinging!





2 thoughts

  1. You are so right! Tell me what are you going to do, and stop telling the other person is just bad and immoral. How did we get here to a place where the ugliest and vilest of behavior seems to win elections. More important is how do we find our way back to civility and humanity? I am so tired of it all, and I will vote, but I wish it would just stop!

  2. It’s just the same in England, the mud-slinging, the lack of respect, it’s never-ending! But at election time – nothing in the mail (local candidates used to knock on your door to discuss issues, not any more). I think they blow their budgets on TV ads, so I’m spared, phew!

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