Living History classroom

Ebenezer School Rincon Georgia


Once sitting in a field in a rural community west of Savannah Georgia, this one-room refurbished schoolhouse is back to school. Located on the campus of Ebenezer School in Rincon Georgia, it is in use as a classroom for Living history lessons.  Last, in service in 1940, the bells ring again.

The Ebenezer community is one of Georgia’s first settlements. The original colonists emigrated From Salzburg, present-day Austria.

Click here to read more about the historic community of Ebenezer, on the Savannah River.

This is also a great example of a community effort to preserve the past.

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  1. I love living history classrooms! So completely different than what school is like now days. Living in Sacramento, there are quite a few scattered around town; one in my neighborhood which is used as a preschool/daycare but still kept to its historical theme. The other I saw every day for years was an old school house in Old Sacramento. You could walk in a get the feel of the vibe of education from the Gold Rush period. Lovely photograph and thanks for linking with Sunday Stills!

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