Theater District-New York City

Chicago-at the Ambassador

Chicago on Broadway
Broadway New York-Chicago the Musical

A visit to New York City just does not seem complete without seeing a Broadway show. Many times, especially during the high tourist season I book my tickets ahead of time. But if you make a spur of the moment decision while sightseeing in Times Square, you can still work it out. You can visit a theater box office if nearby, and that avoids any additional fees. If you decide on a show that you just have to see, and the theater has not opened you can always purchase from ticket agents easily noticeable on the streets, hotel concierge services, online sites or by telephone.

Ticket prices are based on seating location in the Historic Theaters. Center orchestra, which is on the lower level being the most expensive. I am not as particular about the row as I am the position. I prefer the center, although most folks would agree that there are not any bad seats because the theaters are comfortable in size.
During my recent visit, we decided on “Chicago”. I had never seen it on stage and like any show I have ever been to it was “super”.

I would suggest that if you are selecting a show with children, it may not be the best choice. I would highly recommend the Lion King for the youngsters.

New York is a walking city, so bring “comfy shoes” Β A show and a good dinner allows a nice rest to see the endless sights in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Bee Happy 🐝