Perfect timing to avoid the I95 and DC beltway backups-travel Savannah-NYC


After many road trips to NY City from Savannah Ga I finally made it through D.C. without a delay. We breezed right up I95 into Baltimore without a bit of traffic jam frustration.
Here’s the schedule:
Plan to leave Savannah at 10 a.m on a Thursday in the month of June
Arrive at South of he Border (everyone’s must see attraction ) at 1pm for lunch
Back on to the 95 at 2:30
Drive for 4 hours, and pass through Richmond Va about 6:30, no need to take the bypass, breezed right through
Take a coffee break north of Richmond
Arrive in the Virginia/D.C. area about 8:30 pm
Stay on the 95, coast right into Maryland. At about 9:30 just south of Baltimore we called it a day. We were not crabby at all.  Started out the next morning  about 9 am , hopped back on to the I95, be prepared to pay pricey tolls. Stopped in Philly for a cheesesteak , change over to the Jersey turnpike, more tolls, and very busy , lots of big city scenery, bridges, and then there’s the tall buildings….Yay we made it!