Morning beach walk

Sea creatures left behind by high tides create curiosity to area visitors

Hilton Head, South Carolina


Before the crowds morning beach walks give you the freedom to swim in your “jammies” and hope for a glimpse of sea creatures before they hide away for the day.

Sea Turtle Nests

After a rough night, some make and some don’t


Big enough to nibble on your toes

Seagulls and ravens

Sand fun

The coastline is a beautiful place.  The salt air and the sounds of the breaking waves naturally calms the mind.

Folly Field Beach is a beautiful place to visit and stay awhile.

Winters are mild and short….Mid November – mid February

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Jo’s Monday walk


Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge TN , something to put on the bucket list

Pigeon Forge, TN


This past week’s unplanned, no agenda, road trip landed us in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Famously known for “Dollywood” and tucked away in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

My fascination with the Titanic and the impressive detail of the architecture of the museum made it my first choice of tourist sites for the day.

Upon purchasing our “boarding pass” we were identified as a passenger.  Photography was not allowed in the museum until just before exiting.  We were given headphones to listen to crew members tell the stories of the areas of the ship, artifacts, passengers, and crew.  They were very easy to use and self- controlled to select what you listen to.  Visitors are admitted in small groups which allowed  space to feel the emotion of the tragedy.

The over 12 years of age ticket cost is $26.  I will say it was every penny worth it.  Different group and family tickets are also available.

Some of my favorite parts of the tour:

Reading  letters that passengers mailed home in the first days on the ship

Looking at actual photos taken onboard

Looking at the architectural drawings of the ship

Seeing real artifacts that have been recovered

The recreation of the grand staircase only used by first class passengers

Putting my hand in the 28◦ water to really understand what the survivors felt

Reading the story and viewing the photographs of the musicians that played to the end

I would also rate it as family friendly, definitely more for older children and adults but they had some areas interactive for young children.  I would plan at least two hours once you enter.


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Hop off the Interstates, there’s so much to see 🙂


Firefly Village

Anakeesta-Smokey Mountains-Gatlinburg TN-


In an effort to escape the heat wave of Coastal Georgia, a trip to the mountains seemed to be a good idea.  It didn’t exactly work out that way because the high temperatures extended inland, but we kept looking up, hoping to catch a breeze.

We started our day on a chairlift that took us up to an elevation of 1290 feet.  As the chair  slowly moved along the cable above the rooftops of the homes below, my legs began to tingle.  I held onto the lowered bar and decided to just look straight ahead for the remainder of the trip. There was absolutely no way off  at this point.

The resort offers a small colorful village and a walkway showing off the sensational view of the Smokey Mountains.  There is a “blue mist” that hovers over the peaks and valleys that is formed from a vapor given off by the millions of trees and vegetation and the blue light of the sky.

Zip lining was a definite “no” for me

The Tree Canopy walk with 16 hanging bridges 40 feet above the forest was a “yes”

To sum it up, after tingling toes, walking on the edge, persons flying over my head, I do admit the bouncing of the bridges completely turned me around and I soon found myself not knowing which way I was going.

Anakeesta is a Cherokee word referring to high ground, literally meaning “the place of balsams”

As a mother of five I would rate this as “big kid” friendly , not much for the little tots.  I would also suggest the enclosed gondola cabin for transport up and down the mountain,

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Cee’s which way challenge


A nutty fix

Removing gum stuck to your hair


It’s beach vacation week with the Grandkids and so far we have had only two slight mishaps.
Gum in the hair:
My first thought was to get the scissors out, but it was wadded up in the front about midway, and that didn’t seem to be the most practical solution.
Luckily, we had a jar of peanut butter, and I heard somewhere  that it removes gum from hair and other surfaces. I scooped out a teaspoon full and rubbed it on the sticky hair with my fingers. I worked it into the gum until I could feel it soften. Next, I used my thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the gum down the strands of hair. It took a few times but it worked like a gem. It also left the hair shiny and conditioned.

Glitter in the eye:
Art kits keep them busy but next time I’m heading back to the Play-doh aisle. Glitter and glue are not such a good toy choice for two seven-year-old boys. They would rather throw it each other than sprinkle it on the sticky paper, and if a teeny piece gets in the eye, it irritates like a piece of dust. I took a chance of removing it with artificial tear drops.  Along with a cooperative little boy willing to assist in keeping his eyelid up, it worked. We washed away the glitter and the bugs from his germy hand that rubbed the eye.



So, there you have it….a few tips to help out with the kids..and a good reason to invite Grandma on vacation.

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Lights out-Save the sea turtles



Not only is it unkind to disturb the nests along the South Carolina coast it is also illegal.  Loggerhead turtles are considered to be an endangered species. Here are some simple ways that you can help assist with their survival and the new baby turtles while enjoying a beach vacation.

  • Comply with the “lights out” policy if you are staying in an ocean front building
  • Remove your beach chairs and umbrellas from the beach in the evening
  • Do not leave any trash or plastic on the beach
  • Return any sandcastles or holes to the original surface when leaving the beach
  • Never disturb a nest, a nesting turtle or a hatchling

Doing these things will help the turtles from getting disoriented, tangled, trapped or unable to reach the nest.

If you are a new visitor to the beach, after taking a short walk you will likely find it preposterous,  that anyone would want to disrupt the lives of wildlife.




Photo credit: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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From the 67th floor

A stunning view of the Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock in New York City. Observation floors are on the 67th, 69th, and 70th floor. New York City tourist site



Tourists to New York City have a tall task ahead of them when picking and choosing their sightseeing destinations. The Empire State building is always at the top of the list but a great tip for getting a spectacular view of this magnificent 102 story building is to look at it from the Top of the Rock.
Rockefeller Center is located on 5th Avenue between 48th and 51st streets. Visitors will have a 360-degree view of the city from the 67th, 69th, and 70th floor observations decks.



If you enjoy one you will likely enjoy the other. Since walking is the preferred choice of transportation for visitors , it’s a quick 20-minutes between the two.

Here’s a closer look:

I give both the buildings a  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rooftop view

Guaranteed fun…Happy travels …I love NY…so much to do…good shoes

Becky’s #RoofSquares 

She sells sea shells by the sea shore-Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island Georgia a vacation destination on the southeast coast of the US.


This cozy oceanside community located just east of Savannah Georgia offers something for all ages.  With a wide variety of lodging options, including hotels, timeshare resorts, privately owned beach cottages, oceanview homes, creekside properties and campgrounds. The Coastal colors throughout the community, the salt air and the light surf all says it’s time to relax.


The scenic marsh drive on US highway 80 from Savannah to the island offers a peak of the wildlife that makes the marsh and rivers their home. Upon entering the island you will find a great variety of services available so don’t worry if you forgot something at home.

Within minutes you will sense the casual charm and the southern hospitality of this coastal Georgia barrier island.

During your stay, besides the lovely 5 miles of Public beach access, there is so much to do.

Here are a few tips:

The Lighthouse and Light Station

Fort Screven and the Tybee Island Museum


Tybee Island Pier & Pavillion-there is no entry fee, but a fishing license is required to fish

Spend a day touring Savannah


Meanwhile, back at the beach

And in the great spirit of America, yes we have Flamingo’s, one of the most loved lawn ornaments!


My catch and release of the day


This is a fisherman”s paradise, and if you have never done crabbing or shrimping get a net!  There is the ocean pier and the back river pier.

For information on fishing charters please visit:


Location Map

tybee map

My overall review for Tybee Island as a vacation destination would be a YES!

The weather year round is mild, summers are hot and muggy, but you’ll have a beach breeze.

For a schedule of year round events:

Have a great time….eat lots of blue crabs, shrimp and grits