Fast Forward flying

flightThe checklist I prepared and followed worked out perfect.  I’m also giving “Delta Airlines” a shout out for their polite service, good food, and on time flights.

I arrived earlier than scheduled to get my connecting flight to Munich at Atlanta Hartsfield airport.  My arrival gate was “A” and the distance to the international terminal “E” is one mile.  Thinking ahead of the 9 hour flight I decided against the plane train and people mover and decided to walk.

Arriving early gave me extra time for a quick lunch. I  then moved on to Travelex to pick up the Euro’s I ordered online. By ordering online you save  money and also can designate the date and airport location for pick up. There are several in Atlanta that make it very convenient.  I showed my ID and they had them ready in an envelope waiting for me.

I really lucked out with my seat selection.  I chose a window seat and just by chance the seat next to me was not booked.  I purchased a neck pillow for $10 at TJ Maxx and that was so comfortable, I’ll never fly again without one.

We left Atlanta at 6pm and shortly after dinner was served.  I watched a movie and turned my light off about 10Pm.  I’m not sure if I slept or not, but I covered up with two blankets and tried to rest.  Just a few hours went by  when the sun started to peak through.  That was more confusing for me than losing  six hours flying forward.

We arrived in Munich about 9am local time, so that was 3 am my time and I felt reasonably good.  The line for customs was lengthy and I would say to be prepared for any questions or searches.  My passport was all I needed but I can’t say if this is procedure for all.

At the airport itself I found my way around without any problems, most of the signs were in German and English, and directions were clear. Restrooms were not difficult to use and they were free, so don’t panic if you decide to exchange your money when you arrive.

So….there you have it, the trip was enjoyable and easy,  but the preparation took thought and effort to get it all  done.  Happy travels  🙂


5 weitere Tage (5 more days)


I’ve been checking off  the “to do” check list for my trip to Germany.  Here is what I have so far:

  • Measured my carry on bag to make sure it complies with domestic and foreign requirements
  • I attached my luggage tracker, I never used it before so I’ll let you know how  that works when I get underway
  • I made a copy of my passport, drivers license and medical insurance card, to keep on the cloud in my photos
  • Purchased travel insurance
  • Notified my credit card company of my travel dates and set up alerts for purchases over $500 and purchases without having the card
  • Refilled my needed medications and purchased travel packs of Advil and Alka Seltzer
  • Ordered my Euro’s to be picked up at the airport
  • Checked the long range weather so that I  pack the right layers of clothing
  • I have the information for the American embassy contacts, you never know they may not like my slow driving
  • Made hotel reservations , checked the room details to make sure I have a private bath, and with booked with a flexible cancellation (just a few bucks more)
  • Set up international calls on my cell phone for the dates of travel
  • Got my hair done
  • Put an app on my phone that is so easy , it translates by voice not text, so if you say “hello” it says “hallo”
  • Put an app on my phone to show the exchange from Dollars to Euros
  • Packed my Colgate “wisp” for the long overnight flight
  • Paid my bills
  • Notified my office and clients of my absence, and that’s about it

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated……thanks a bunch  💐



My 1st trip to Europe

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 8.16.10 PM

I’ve been saying this for years and I’m finally going to act on it,  I’m going to Europe!  My daughter and family moving there was just the push I needed and I can’t wait to see them at their home in Germany.  With the trip being 2 weeks away I’m getting serious about packing and being prepared.  My passport is ready, and tomorrow I am going buy the Euro’s online for pickup at the Atlanta airport.  Just a few bucks because I plan to use a credit card whenever possible.  Any tips are greatly appreciated…thanks a bunch



As I approached my big “60” I did experience some strange ideas.  There were days that I almost questioned myself and recounted  from my birthdate.  Then there were the days that I woke thinking I was having a dream that I was going to be “60”.  So, I came up with this idea of just staying “59”.  I mean really I don’t feel “60” or how I visualize it, by thinking about my aunts and uncles.  Yikes…… So I may not feel, I hope I don’t look, but I believe I have all the knowledge I need to get through the rest of my life’s journey and will start sharing it for everyone.  I dusted myself off for the last time 3 years ago on my first day of staying “59”, and I didn’t worry about gaining a pound so I ate my cake.