Smallest church in America

Just south of Savannah Georgia on Coastal Hwy US 17 in Townsend Georgia you can visit the smallest church in America. Recently rebuilt due to a fire it is a quiet spot with a picnic area if you are traveling in the area. Along this route there are many historic markers and further south is the City of Darien. Definitely worth the stop if you are in the coastal Georgia area and it gets you off I95 for some site seeing.

My un-sightseeing weekend in NY City

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I never hesitate to say “yes” to a last minute invite for a weekend get away.  Without the baggage cluttering my mind , I have free time to wander and notice all the great surroundings.

Visiting New York City without the “what to see and where to go” pamphlet is great fun on its own.

I just let my old people watching,  pizza eating,  window shopping self take some not so picture perfect photos to share with all of you.

Enjoy 🙂

Summer travel USA-Niagara Falls, NY

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Whenever I get asked about a great US vacation destination I always share one of my favorites, Niagara Falls.  Located in Western New York and on the Canadian border in the province of Ontario this is an ideal location and within a days drive of all the popular North East Cities.

For US residents without a passport the view of all of the Falls is amazing from the NY State Park, and you get to walk over a bridge above the white water rapids.  There is plenty to do and see for all ages, with restaurants and a casino within walking distance of the park.

For those carrying a passport you can drive or walk over the Rainbow bridge into Canada.  To get the full experience I would plan one full day on each side.  Also, plan to get wet from the mist as you get close, and bring your sweet tooth and eat some Maple fudge.

I can sit for hours and listen to the soothing sounds of nature harmonizing with the  wind blowing, water flowing, birds flying, fish jumping, snow balling or sun shining, it is truly a wonder of the world.

For more information visit :

I hope you visit and “fall in love” ❤️

Perfect timing to avoid the I95 and DC beltway backups-travel Savannah-NYC


After many road trips to NY City from Savannah Ga I finally made it through D.C. without a delay. We breezed right up I95 into Baltimore without a bit of traffic jam frustration.
Here’s the schedule:
Plan to leave Savannah at 10 a.m on a Thursday in the month of June
Arrive at South of he Border (everyone’s must see attraction ) at 1pm for lunch
Back on to the 95 at 2:30
Drive for 4 hours, and pass through Richmond Va about 6:30, no need to take the bypass, breezed right through
Take a coffee break north of Richmond
Arrive in the Virginia/D.C. area about 8:30 pm
Stay on the 95, coast right into Maryland. At about 9:30 just south of Baltimore we called it a day. We were not crabby at all.  Started out the next morning  about 9 am , hopped back on to the I95, be prepared to pay pricey tolls. Stopped in Philly for a cheesesteak , change over to the Jersey turnpike, more tolls, and very busy , lots of big city scenery, bridges, and then there’s the tall buildings….Yay we made it!