Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock


I’m not sure at what point my life changed from sitting at a school desk waiting for the arms on the clock to move, to saying ” I’ll just have to get to that tomorrow,” because my day is over.
Don’t believe it when you hear “they’ll come a time in your life that you can slow down”. No matter how slow I walk, or lessen the commitments I make, the time just keeps ticking faster and faster.

It almost makes sense that five hours of sleep at middle age is all that is necessary to have a good day.  Maybe nature throws in the few extra hours of wake time to compensate for the acceleration of minutes, and hours.
When I sit down and take a moment to look back on the years past  that are packed full of joyful memories, it seems those visions  fade out the not so good times.  I’ve concluded that the moment that I am in now is exactly where I want to be, and I’m thankful for this content feeling.

For those of you that have many past years my wish for you is that you are “smelling the roses”. For those who are still daydreaming my wish for you is that the path you lay out for your life will be a very happy journey.

🎶 Sing with the windows open, and eat the cake!!!!!



As I approached my big “60” I did experience some strange ideas.  There were days that I almost questioned myself and recounted  from my birthdate.  Then there were the days that I woke thinking I was having a dream that I was going to be “60”.  So, I came up with this idea of just staying “59”.  I mean really I don’t feel “60” or how I visualize it, by thinking about my aunts and uncles.  Yikes…… So I may not feel, I hope I don’t look, but I believe I have all the knowledge I need to get through the rest of my life’s journey and will start sharing it for everyone.  I dusted myself off for the last time 3 years ago on my first day of staying “59”, and I didn’t worry about gaining a pound so I ate my cake.