Shake, Rattle, ​and Jolt

February 14, 2014

Part of my routine on Friday nights is enjoying a warm vanilla cinnamon milk while relaxing at the beach in South Carolina.  Unwinding from a long work week and trying to make my personal drama seem so minimal, I escape to the television and watch 20/20.
On this Friday night, I was suddenly distracted by the living room moving and the pillbox on top of the microwave rattling.  With neighbors above and below I thought someone must be moving some heavy furniture up or down the outdoor staircase. Then within minutes, my Facebook friends on the southeast coast were posting similar effects of tremors.


It all made sense quickly.



I remembered the tour guide in Charleston years before pointing out the earthquake rods built into some homes and buildings in the city.


On August 31, 1886, Charleston South Carolina experience a major earthquake that was felt as far away as Boston.  It is rated as a high-risk area and another quake can happen at any time.

Although this incident hit southwest of Columbia in the town of Edgefield,  the surprising jolt did keep me awake for a few hours. My mind was wandering concerned that there would be an aftershock, or worse yet, a tsunami.  But all was well and it was over seconds after it started.

Warm wishes and many hopes that Mother Nature will be good to us 🙂


Three Things Challenge/pillbox, vanilla, earthquake








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