The Sleigh​ ride

There’s a real debate among folks as to whether or not you should tell children that Santa Clause is real.


The Santa story changes with different traditions. Parts of it may be a slight fib, like his timetable to deliver the presents.  He must have some help even with Rudolph’s red nose guiding the way.  It would seem impossible to make it all around the world in twenty-four hours.  Maybe not everyone gets the real Santa on their rooftop but one of the helpers.

In anticipation of Santa’s delivery on Christmas Eve, we take a pause from a noisy world.  In the silence we share gifts, we show love, we visit, we make calls, we pray, we let the angels into our lives.  We celebrate in different ways the gift of Christ we all received that Holy night so long ago.  If Santa Clause helps bring this message and joy to so many, how can he not be real?


Merry Christmas friends







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