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I have a snow story  to share with all of you.  I moved away from my home in Buffalo, New York  many years ago.  My Mom and Dad would visit me in Savannah Georgia in the winter and I would visit them in New York  during the summer, all of us chasing after the perfect 70 degree weather.

I changed the routine up a bit one  February when my  Dad called and asked to speak with my youngest son.  This was not out of the ordinary  for him to call during football season since they always talked about their favorite team “The Buffalo Bills”, but the season was over.

My curiosity over this Sunday night called came to an end when my youngest
son looked over to me and said ” Grandpa wants us to come up this week because they have a lot of snow”.  I jumped into the conversation and my Dad said ” the kids have to get to know snow”.

Two days later along with my two sons I was on a windy cold flight to Buffalo.  The landing was so turbulent the passengers applauded the flight crew when we parked at the gate of the terminal.

My Dad was in his usual waiting area with hands full of coats, scarves, gloves and boots that my sisters gathered up for all of us to wear.
Dad and the boys had a great week sledding, ice fishing, skating and fun things kids do in the snow. I stayed inside with my feet on the floor registers trying to stay warm.
My Dad passed away soon after this visit but I’ve never really felt like he left us because there are so many memories like this one.
When I see  snow photos I can’t help to think that even when the snow melts the “snow prints” will leave big impressions.

Happy Thanksgiving friends……eat more than one piece of pie

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  1. It’s funny because when we were very young my dad was always stationed in warm and tropical climates. So we never really lived in snow that much. I remember in Southern California it snowed once and it didn’t last very long. We had to go to New Jersey to enjoy the snow, so those memories have been wonderful for me and I’m sure also for my brothers. If it wasn’t for my mom and dad’s families, we may have never been in the New Jersey area to enjoy the snow and learn what it feels like when your toes get cold and almost frostbiten. We would play so hard in the snow, that it would get inside our boots and pack full. Our toes were like little ice cubes and we would come into Mom-Mom’s house and she would take off her our boots and socks and put us near the old heater that were those metal things that were like a coil on the side of the room and our toes would warm up and she would bring us hot chocolate. Later, when my brother’s and I got older dad was stationed in Germany. There we experienced snow skiing and all the other fun activities in snow. One thing didn’t change, and that was we still had frozen little toes, we still sat by the heater and still drank hot chocolate. The memories are beautiful and will never be forgotten. We really do have so much to be thankful for when you really think about it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2017!!♡

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