Just call me money bags 💰


So long to the days of scratching nine spots on a lottery ticket , getting a lucky 7 to be a winner, and a prize clearly noted under the bag of gold.

I had a seriously lucky feeling on my way home from vacation and decided to buy a lottery ticket in each state when I stopped to get gas.  Then to add to my hunch I decided to scratch them on July 4th, being the patriot I am and feeling good about contributing to the nations education system.

Sure enough I had a winner on a $2 ticket, or at least I thought so.  I let hubby take a look to confirm and he agreed that it was a winner but he did not calculate the same winnings I did.  We put on our bifocals and started counting the winning symbols, along with adding up the dollars.  I went to the state website for assistance and could not figure out how much we won.  Curiosity gets the best of us so we decide to drive over the state line and cash in.

To make this interesting I decide to make him a bet that I am right about the amount of winnings and if so he has to forfeit his half, I also suggest he drive so I don’t use up the gas in my car.

We find the closet convenience store and rush to the register in anticipation of a big win, yes it’s a whopping $15.00……..

Lunch is on me….as they say you can’t win if you don’t play